Post Retirement Tax Saving Tips

No one wants to spend all that hard-earned money on taxes. But they are something we can’t ignore, as much as we’d like to. This is where you need an accounting expert to show you the way. From opting for retirement schemes to making transfers of equity to accounts which are not under the tax-paying rule, there’s a lot that can save you taxation troubles. Experts at Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC have been dealing with such issues for a few years now and share their advice on the same.

Tax-Free Savings are the Key

When you have money in a standard savings account, transfer it to a tax-free investment account or savings that help you get rid of taxes. Even better, go for NS&I savings certificates. They help you on taxes and are ideally meant for long term benefits.

Donations are Great

When you make donations your adjusted net income reduces significantly and automatically. Charity and donations under Gift Aid help you with calculations of your personal allowance, thus helping in taxes. There are many schemes for charity today under which you can opt for saving taxes significantly.

Transfer Assets to Spouse If  Non-Taxpayer

This is probably the easiest and the smartest way to save taxes. If your spouse is not paying taxes or pays only basic-rate, the best thing to do is transfer income-producing assets to their name. Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC experts suggest this can reduce your income to the extent where your personal allowances can be withdrawn. This can be quite valuable.

Pension Schemes Are a Boon

If you are planning to or are already working beyond a state retirement age, and still haven’t started drawing company pensions, take up a pension scheme. Ed Lloyd & Associates PLLC points out that this will reduce your adjusted net income which calculates your personal allowances.

Follow these simple tips to make taxation issues easier. Get help from an expert today!

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